“Women and the Word” by The Rev Kaji Douša

May 14th,2018 Categories: Pastor Kaji's Blog

It’s Mother’s Day week, and in churches across the country, this Sunday – sometimes for the only time in the year – pulpits open up to women who can stand and preach God‘s word. On this one day. And I always wonder about that, because Church has always had such a complicated relationship with women and our bodies, as if the only time it makes sense to hear from a woman in church – especially in reflecting on God‘s word – is when we’re thinking about motherhood. But women have way more important roles to play. And if you ever sit in Bible study with a woman, clearly, we are also hearing from God. So why can’t God‘s people hear from us? I have a challenge to churches that only allow women to preach on Mother’s Day or Women’s Day or combine the two: realize that women are more than mothers, and some women are not mothers. Realize that women know God and can talk about God. Realize that women love God just like everyone else and that God, even God our Father, even mothers us. Listen for the word of God from anyone who is ready to testify to the good news of Jesus Christ. And hear and see the world transformed. Amen.