Until further notice, please join us online Sundays at 11:00 am on our website, our Facebook and Twitter pages, and our YouTube channel.

When our doors re-open:

When you come to worship, you should expect to be welcome.

It’s not unusual to have to look for a seat if you arrive a little late. First, know that no matter what time you get there (no matter what the traffic and the subway delays bring) you are always welcome.

If you enter the room in the middle of a prayer, you probably should wait until the “Amen” at the end before trying to find a seat. Any seat you see open is a seat you should take. You are welcome anywhere in the sanctuary.

Bulletins are available just inside the front doors. Those help to guide everyone through the service. Anything in bold is something you’re invited to read.

We worship in a multilingual environment – primarily in English and Spanish. If you don’t speak the language being led, there is translation available. Don’t feel pressured to speak a language you don’t speak. Let the words wash over you like we’re at the church at Pentecost.

Children are welcome to every part of the liturgy, including the sermons and communion. Childcare is available throughout the entire service, from babies and toddlers to older children. Older children tend to stay in the sanctuary for the earliest parts until the Children’s Moment with the Children’s Minister, after which they are welcome to join the Sunday School for a lesson and activity. Some of these older children choose to remain in the sanctuary for the whole time, where they are most welcome. Crawling children and toddlers are welcome to play in our Play Park in the Sanctuary space, which has quiet age-appropriate toys and learning activities. This is very popular with parents of our youngest children. Nursing parents are welcome to breastfeed in the sanctuary, of course.

You should wear whatever you feel called to wear for worship. Some people dress in their Sunday finest and feel welcome. Some barely made it out the door. Neither is honored more than the other – everyone comes just as they could that day. God sees beauty in everything and so do we.