Sundays At The Park

Pre-Service Bible Study – 10:00 am

The 10:00 A.M. Sunday morning Bible Study focuses on the passages of Scripture that will be part of the worship service at 11 am.

In-Person Worship Celebration – 11:00 am

You can also join us for worship on Sundays at 11:00 am on our website, our Facebook and Twitter pages, and our YouTube channel

“Thankful praise” best describes our morning worship.  Through music, proclamation, and sharing in Holy Communion, we celebrate and participate in God’s saving presence, through Jesus Christ, in our world.

Holy Communion is central to Sunday worship at The Park.  We celebrate Communion every time we gather in worship because it is the key to our self understanding as Christians.

At the Table, we remember God’s saving act of grace in Jesus Christ.  In sharing the meal God provides, we “re-member” ourselves as Christ’s community called to love and serve our neighbors.

We believe that the Lord’s Table is open to all.  There should be no barriers between us and our relationship with God.

God loves us no matter our personal, family, or religious history.  All that does matter is that we accept God’s unconditional love and share it with others.


The Park offers many Sunday Sermons on video here.