“What are You Building for 2020?” by The Rev. Kaji Douša

November 18th,2019 Categories: Pastor Kaji's Blog

On social media recently, there’s been a post that asks a pretty insightful question, which is, there’s just about a month left of the year 2019, and it asks us to reflect, what have we accomplished over the past decade? And I like that question from a ten-year period because sometimes a lot of us may feel like we’re not exactly where we intend to be… but if we look back ten years at where we were and where we have come in ten years, perhaps we might feel some encouragement. In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus talks about how buildings, stone upon stone might just crumble if they’re not built on a foundation of God. And what I’d love to ask you is, as you reflect back on what you have accomplished for the past ten years, have you built a strong God-based foundation? Have you been allowing God to build within you something new and beautiful that serves God and loves God and forwards God’s mission? If that’s so, God will hold that up in you and give you scaffolding around you even if you might fall. But if what you’ve been spending your time doing, and building, has not been rooted in God’s love, then all of that will just kind of crumble away. But you will always have an opportunity to turn back from those inclinations and let God build something within you right now. Maybe the past ten years wasn’t exactly what you’d meant it to be, but if you’re willing to let God start, even just now, the next ten will be full of the fruit of God’s creation. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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