VIDEO: “What is Fair to Expect of God?”

October 26th,2016 Categories: Latest News, Pastor Kaji's Blog

“What is Fair to Expect of God?” from The Rev. Kaji Douša, Senior Pastor of The Park.

What does God owe you? When you stand, trembling at the throne of God, what, in your imagining, is required of God? What would God need to do to meet your expectations?

Maybe I’ve been too apocalyptic with my ask. Standing at the throne of God, my guess is that we’d probably go ahead and take what God will give us.

But what about standing here? Right here? Right now? What are we expecting God to do?

How many of you are uncomfortable with this line of questioning? How dare we expect something from God? God is God! That is enough!

That may very well be true. But if it is, we had better know what we mean by the claim that God is God. And, I would submit, we ought to have some expectations of God. Because, if we don’t, as we navigate the waters of life, how will we ever know what we face comes from God and what does not?

What do you expect from God?

Full sermon (video and transcript) here: