The Gospel of Life Eternal is for LGBTQ and Every Single Created Being, by The Rev. Kaji Douša

January 10th,2017 Categories: Latest News, Pastor Kaji's Blog

There has lately been a lot of conversation about the LGBTQ community in churches.  And in many churches, you see silence: silence in the face of other congregations where there are people who stand in the pulpit that is supposed to be preaching a gospel of love and inclusion and freedom, and they’re talking about death for gay people in 2017. That makes no sense.  It is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And so I would actually like to call on progressive Christians – and what that means to me is the groups of Christians who would proclaim that there is no one ever excluded from the love and the grace and the mercy of God – I need my colleagues in these churches to say, Indeed, if you are Lesbian, if you’re Gay, If you’re Bisexual, if you’re Transgender, if you’re Questioning, if you’re Queer, if you’re somewhere of this spectrum of love, that God made you that way. And you are affirmed in your being and anyone who would preach that, you need to get up out of that church and walk away. And there are churches that are open to you. There are Faith Communities that will have you, so know that a Gospel of Death is no Gospel. The Gospel we know is one of life eternal for every single created being. And that means you.