“Stop Trying to Interrupt God” by The Rev. Kaji Douša

February 28th,2017 Categories: Latest News, Pastor Kaji's Blog

This week we’re looking at the text from the Transfiguration, which comes from, in this case, Matthew chapter 17, verses 1-9.  And one of the things that I find fascinating about this text, in which Jesus takes Peter, James and John up to the mountaintop. And as they head up there, they get there, and Jesus withdraws from them. And all of a sudden, he’s transfigured, or he’s changed before them. And the clouds open up, and out of nowhere come Elijah and Moses, these prophets from ages of old. And everyone is stunned and even scared.  And Peter sees them, and he has an idea. He tries to interrupt this amazing moment and he says, “Oh ok, I got this God, I got this!  I have an idea. I am going to build y’all some houses right here on the mountain so you can always be here.” And he tried to interrupt God, and God had no patience for Peter’s plan.

Now remember, Peter is the rock of the church and even he got this wrong. And it can often be that there will be a beautiful vision God is trying to give us. And we try to interrupt it like, “Oh, I got this God!” No. God will then interrupt us back. Who are we to interrupt God? So here’s what I would like to suggest to you. God is giving you a vision for the purpose on your life. There are three things that I would suggest. First of all: if you’re wondering if you’re trying to interrupt God’s vision, know this: you are. This is part and parcel of what it means to be human. Second of all: know that you don’t have to pull everything off at once. It’s OK. Just give yourself some space and some grace because God does too. And third of all, and this one’s really important: tell God you’re ready. You’re ready to stop interrupting so that you can hear what God has to say for you today. In Jesus name, amen.