“Spiritual Malpractice” by The Rev. Kaji Douša

March 16th,2020 Categories: Pastor Kaji's Blog

I have learned recently of a very troubling aspect of this crisis that we’re in with coronavirus, and here it is: there are colleagues of mine in the ministry who are claiming that the blood of Jesus will cover Christians so that they will not become infected with this virus. To make such a claim is – point blank – spiritual malpractice. We need to be protecting our people, we need to be telling them things that are true, we need to believe scientists, we need to help people to understand that if you become ill with anything, this is not God’s judgment on you – it is just an illness. And we pray, we pray, that people will turn around and repent and help people to understand that illness doesn’t come from God. And yes, we are covered by the blood of Jesus, but that’s in spiritual terms, that means that the power of death has no hold or grip on us, because we will, one day, get to meet Jesus face to face. Amen

Pastor Kaji’s sermon relating to this subject is here: https://parkavenuechristian.com/step-aside-by-the-rev-kaji-dousa/