“So now that we’ve marched, what’s next?” by The Rev. Kaji Douša

January 24th,2017 Categories: Latest News, Pastor Kaji's Blog

So now that we’ve marched, what’s next? A lot of us came and showed up. We stood up. In Washington DC, in New York City, all over the country, all over the world. In over 370 cities, we stood up for women. Now what?

I would propose a few things. One, go back home now. Go back to your neighborhood and figure out the one thing that you can do. And decide on it. And then go after it. So maybe there’s a parent organization that you can join at your children’s school. Maybe there’s something, like you need some sidewalks fixed in your neighborhood. Maybe you need to hold people accountable to the promises they’ve made before they’ve been elected. Whatever it is that your feeling like you should do, go ahead and start on it even if it’s small. Because the way that we really stand up is that we get active. We saw people coming to be activists – for the first time for some. And instead of being upset that they weren’t there before, what I would suggest is that we celebrate. We bring them to the party and we keep celebrating.

The spirit was alive yesterday, so we can’t let that spirit die. I borrow language from the prophet Isaiah, who says, “Listen up. God has chosen you. God has chosen you for a purpose. And that you are an arrow in God’s quiver.” A “quiver” is a thing that holds arrows. So, you are an arrow in God’s quiver. And God is going to pull you up right now, and shoot you off to a target. Find your target and pierce through.

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