“Say Their Name” by The Rev Kaji Douša

May 1st,2018 Categories: Pastor Kaji's Blog

In the book of Acts, we learn about the Ethiopian Eunuch, who is famous now for their faith. In the story, the person is sitting in their carriage reading a book. It turns out that book is the Bible. And the story that person was interested in was about the lamb led to slaughter. Like a sheep led to slaughter, like a lamb before its shearers stands silent. The Ethiopian Eunuch had a question for Philip as he jumped into their carriage, and said, “Who is this story about?” Philip’s answer essentially was that it’s about Jesus. The Ethiopian Eunuch, I think, was testing Philip. Because who would know, who would know the pain of being like a lamb led to slaughter more than someone who had been neutered by their masters so that they could become more trustworthy? We watch again and again as there are so many examples of people in power trying to neuter us – to lead us to slaughter as if we were lambs – so that we would be submissive and silent. And the big power from the story of the Ethiopian Eunuch then is that Jesus knows about this. That God has, as James Cone had said, already chosen sides in the struggles of the oppressed, that God does not intend for anyone to be a lamb, including you. But when you are, know that God stands with you. And as we tell that story, unlike the Bible does with the Ethiopian Eunuch, we’d better learn your name. Amen.