“Prophesy to these Bones” by The Rev. Kaji Douša

March 29th,2020 Categories: Sunday Sermon, The Rev. Douša's Sermons

I would like to submit to you that I believe we are living in exile from our lives.
With shelter in place and our freedom to move about: dead
With jobs: dead
With health insurance: dead
Our bones are dry & we are in exile from our very lives.

But Ezekiel’s job was specific:
He had to tell those bones to live.
To proclaim life in the valley of the dead.
This scripture is laid out for this day, the last Sunday in the Lenten season.
Because it queues us up for Easter – the story of life overcoming death.
Which is the message we need now more than ever.
You may be the bones.
But God says: you’re more than that.

The full text of Pastor Kaji’s sermon is here: http://soundthebells.blogspot.com/2020/03/prophesy-to-these-bones.html