On the sermon “Distractions” by The Rev. Kaji Douša

May 20th,2019 Categories: Pastor Kaji's Blog

In the Gospels, you will see so many examples of interrogators, if you will, people who came to Jesus to try to distract him from his mission. They would ask him questions that would seem so farfetched, and they would try to entrap him into getting himself in trouble with the empire. And all over the Bible, as you see people asking Jesus questions, you will notice how he responds, and I think that is instructive for us today. When they would come at him with a question to try to get him to say something that would get him in trouble, he would answer the question, but not in their way, but in the way that his mission required. And as they tried to distract him and get in his head, he was so clear on why he was walking this earth and what he was there to do, what his purpose was, that they were never able to knock him off his path. I want you and I to consider the same. There are so many voices that try to speak to us, interrogators who try to knock us off our course, who might even try to convince us that we don’t know who God is, or what God wants for us. Don’t follow the detractors, don’t listen to the ones who want to distract you. Stay on your mission and feel no obligation to answer somebody who is trying to take you off your path. In Jesus’ name, and in Jesus’ path, Amen

Pastor Kaji’s full sermon is available here.