Member Spotlight: DJ Jeffries

September 29th,2017 Categories: Latest News

Name: DJ Jeffries

Where are you from? Memphis, TN

How long have you been a member of The Park? 

A little over a month (Joined July 23 – also my birthday).

Why is The Park meaningful for you? 

The Park has helped me reclaim the relationship with God, that society told me I wasn’t worthy of. Through The Park, I’ve been given a sense of community, belonging, and peace. No matter how I feel before I enter The Park, I always leave feeling ten times better. It is a true blessing that I found The Park.

What does the “Divinity of Diversity” mean to you?

Divinity of Diversity means acknowledging that there is true beauty in all of God’s work. It means not letting ourselves get caught up in the contemporary barriers that divide so much of society. It means seeing through the skin, and living in the spirit. It means starting and ending with love, and letting Jesus take the wheel.

What is your hope for the The Park?

I hope that The Park continues to walk in God’s calling, and that people (especially those who’ve been misled into believing that God has given up on them, or doesn’t love them exactly as they are) continue to pour in. My hope for The Park is abundance, purpose, and to make this world a better place.