In Sure & Certain Hope of the Resurrection – Connie Packard

April 11th,2024 Categories: Latest News

Dear Church:
It is with deep sadness that I share that our beloved Connie Packard went home to the Lord earlier this week. Connie’s son, Matthew, shared this:
“Let all know that mom passed peacefully in her sleep, with family next to her.  She was calm, and she didn’t suffer. She was loving and thinking of others up to the end. She wanted to make sure I was all right. She was sleeping a lot and it was hard for her to communicate. But she woke up once, gestured for me to come closer, and gave me a big hug. I will remember that for the rest of my life.”
Connie was deeply loved and deeply loving. She was always incredibly generous to this church community in giving from all of her gifts – time, ideas, financial support, creativity. She had a brilliant mind and a generous heart. For example, when we had to remove the pews from the sanctuary, she donated the chairs that we now use every week. WIth Ima Jean Kidd, they worked diligently and faithfully to select just the right seating that would strike just the right mood for our church’s needs. Every time you take a seat in the sanctuary, I hope that you will think of Connie and Ima Jean’s blessed memories.
On a personal note, Connie was an incredible blessing to me and my ministry at the Park. When I interviewed with the search committee for this role, Connie hosted the interviews in her beautiful home. Even now, years after she had moved to Minneapolis to be closer to her family, every time I pass Connie’s former building on 95th and 5th, I think so warmly of her. Once I began, Connie really went to bat for me, supporting me in ways I cannot even begin to list. It was important to her that I had what I needed to take on this complex role. I so deeply appreciated her care, concern and advocacy. Connie meant the world to me.
I know that she meant the world to so many of you, as well. I pray for all of you and for everyone who shares in this loss. We do not yet have any details of the arrangements, but I will be sure to pass those along as I receive word.
God bless Connie’s memory. May light perpetual shine. And may Constance rest in peace.
Pax Christi,
Pastor Kaji