“Holy Week” by The Rev Kaji Douša

March 26th,2018 Categories: Pastor Kaji's Blog

We begin Holy Week with a cry of a word that perhaps we need to remind ourselves of: Hosanna. Hosanna, which means, “Lord save us.” We begin Holy Week calling out for salvation. Calling out for the help of a God who promises to offer that. But as we walk into Holy Week, we’re also aware that every time we call out “Lord save us,” we come with an agenda. We think we know precisely, or at least we have a strong idea of, what that should mean. My invitation to us in this time, as we call out our hosannas to the God who promises, and has already delivered salvation, is that we leave ourselves open to what that truly means for us. What God intends for us, not what we intend for God. And when we place that orientation right, and when we are ready to let God be God, and that God is great and that God‘s imagination is broader than ours, and this salvation God offers us will be precisely what we need, far beyond what we could have ever prescribed. Thanks be to God. Amen.