“God’s Impartiality” by The Rev. Kaji Douša

January 12th,2020 Categories: Sunday Sermon, The Rev. Douša's Sermons

God knows when some have and not everyone does. And God wants all to receive the blessings of life and love thriving. A God without partiality is a God of justice – for all.

So here we are, each of us with different expressions of blessings and good things in our lives. But the thing we share with every human on the face of this planet?

God has sent messengers. Angels to intercede on our behalf. God has knocked on the door and asked and asked again, for us. For all of us.

So many willfully refuse to see.

Others sit, puzzling like Peter.

Either way: don’t you see that God won’t give up?


The full text of Pastor Kaji’s sermon is available here: http://soundthebells.blogspot.com/2020/01/gods-impartiality.html