“God Will Never Leave You Orphaned” by The Rev. Kaji Douša

May 23rd,2017 Categories: Pastor Kaji's Blog

In the Gospel of John, chapter 14, Jesus says, “I will never leave you orphaned.” What does this mean? Because, so many of us find ourselves in battles, and feeling as if we are on our own, or like we’ve been abandoned. I believe that Jesus says this because he knows that the world will do that. He knows that we will find disappointment and we’ll have moments of hurt and pain. And wondering who’s with us. And as Jesus says this, it’s because he knows how the world works. And he says, “I will not leave you abandoned, I will not leave you orphaned.” Just because he knows that so many other forces will. But when everything else is wrong, it might even feel empty, know that Jesus steps up. Even if everyone else seems to have left you, God never will. God will never leave you orphaned. Amen.

Pastor Kaji’s full sermon: https://youtu.be/ehvLSk_ZnQ0

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