“God will help you to find your way!” by The Rev. Kaji Douša

May 16th,2017 Categories: Pastor Kaji's Blog

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about roadblocks.  About how, so many times, we can keep persisting and have this way we’re going on, and then we catch a roadblock, or it seems like we’re just about to fall off a cliff. And what I started to realize as I was thinking about Jesus saying, “I am the way, and the truth, and the light,” when I started thinking about that, I realized that sometimes, if we’re coming up against these major roadblocks in our lives, maybe it’s because maybe we’re on our own way, and we’re not on God’s way.  Because if God intends for something to happen, God is going to remove every barrier for it to happen. If God is taking you to a cliff, God is going to build a bridge over it. God is never going to stop until you are able to do what God intends for your life.  So, if you find yourself in a place where you’re stumbling, you can’t find your way, maybe take a step back, and call on God’s help. And just know this: no matter where you are, you are one step away from THE way, God’s way.  And all it takes is the intention, and God will bring you back. Even when you go astray. Even when you mess up.  Even when it seems like you’re not worthy. It doesn’t matter.  God is never going to leave you – and God never did. Amen.

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