“God doesn’t have a blocked list” by The Rev Kaji Douša

June 5th,2018 Categories: Pastor Kaji's Blog

I was reading a passage from the Gospel of Mark, chapter 2, in which Jesus was walking through the town of Capernaum just off the Sea of Galilee. And as he’s walking through town, he comes across this place, and as you image this, I want you to think of a place that you would do everything you could to avoid … like it’s that part of town where the bill collector is, who comes after you randomly, wanting money and money and money – that is what places is where Jesus goes. So, imagine all the crowds were following him, walking with him. On this route, he decides to go past this place where this guy Levi, the tax collector is. And as Levi is sitting there looking at this guy, probably expecting him to completely judge him, what Jesus does instead is calls him along. The crowds must have been shocked, and if fact, we know they were, because they said, “Jesus what are you doing? He is a tax collector!” And not only did he walk with Levi and talk to him, Levi had him over for dinner with his tax collector and sinner friends. Yikes! As I read this text, I think about all the people I would be mad at Jesus for loving and welcoming. I think about how I expect Jesus to have a blocked list just like I do, for all the people who I anticipate are beyond the pale of God‘s love. But the truth is – and this turns out to be good news, folks – is that God doesn’t have a blocked list. That includes you it includes me, but it also includes our worst enemy. That’s a tough part of the good news but in fact that’s what we all need. Salvation that we didn’t earn. Amen.