“Focus” by The Rev. Kaji Douša

February 17th,2019 Categories: Pastor Kaji's Blog

Today I want to encourage us to think a bit about what we focus on, because our focus can be such an act of manipulation. Lots of people want to try to determine what it is that we put our focus on. And what God wants us to do is to notice who is trying to take us out of God’s focus –out of our focus on God, rather. Because what happens, is that a lot of noise can distract us—right? And people can tell you, “You need to be afraid of this, and put your focus there,” or they can tell you, “You need to be angry about that, and put your focus there.” But what God wants you to do, is to always keep your focus on God. Not on anything else. So, we invite you, right now, to think about how you can turn back to your focus on God. And if anything else is taking you away from that focus, let it go. Amen.

Watch Pastor Kaji’s full sermon here.