“Everything does not happen for a reason” by The Rev. Kaji S. Douša

April 3rd,2017 Categories: Pastor Kaji's Blog

I just want to offer one thought for you – it’s important to know this. A lot of us think that everything happens for a reason. But the truth is that everything does not happen for a reason. Sometimes random things happen. Now, I can understand why people think that everything happens for a reason, because people of faith will so often be trained to be able to see what God is capable of doing. And what you should know is that no matter what happens – even something random, something horrible – that God can take a terrible situation and turn it into something amazing, and something beautiful. God can transform the very worst of things. And offer a lily that grows, a new blade of grass, a new opportunity for grace. So know this: you don’t have to look into a terrible situation and try to figure out what God is trying to get you to get out of it. I don’t believe that’s how God works. How I believe God works is that if you’re in despair, if something bad has happened – just as the Bible says in John chapter 11, “Jesus wept” – Jesus weeps with you when you weep. You don’t need to feel like God is saying “Feel bad so I can teach you something.” Know that God feels bad right with you. But grace and beauty and mercy are available to us no matter what. In Jesus’ name, amen.

See Pastor Kaji’s full sermon here: https://youtu.be/oY8p-2UvoqM