December 11 Sunday Preview, from The Rev. Kaji Douša

December 8th,2016 Categories: Latest News

Dear Church:

I have been in a phenomenal mood lately. Most likely it’s because I serve a fabulous church in an amazing city and I feel like I’m exactly where I should be. My life is incredible.

And then, I sit down with people whose lives are not so incredible right now. I hear from someone who’s been underemployed for years and just can’t keep on. I hear from someone else so desperate for connection that he wanders from date to date, hoping for a match who hasn’t come yet. I talk to lovers whose beloved has died and wonder how they are supposed to continue.

How can I hold on to my good mood, in the face of all this?

A more important question is: how can I celebrate the Advent discipline of Joy if I do not feel joyful?

Joy is a practice. It’s a habit that can be derailed by a number of things out of our control.

As we gather in the spirit of Advent Joy this week, join me in this kind of wondering: where can we encounter joy in the face of everything else? And if we have it, how can we keep it?

One of my favorite Psalms affirms “weeping spends the night, but joy comes in the morning.” Is this morning your day of Advent Joy? If it’s not, what’s next?

Together we will reflect on this. I’d imagine that you know someone who would benefit from this reflection, as well. Please bring that person along. Joy is at the root of our flourishing. We need it to persevere. And God intends joy for all of us.

See you Sunday!