Can’t Wait to “Speak” this Thursday!

July 9th,2017 Categories: Latest News
The Gathering’s first session of Speak kicked-off on June 15 and will continue every Thursday until August 17, from 7:00 – 8:30 PM, located at The Manse. Klay S. Williams led Speak’s first storytelling efforts, underscoring his faith journey growing up in Detroit, MI, his first same-sex relationship in seminary and finding peace with God as he matured and settled in to his calling. The group participated in a healing mirror exercise, that Klay utilized in his story, while the melodic sounds of guitarist, Tom Dempsey added a special moment of centering throughout the evening. If you’re looking for a space to share in community, vibe to dynamic live music and experience the power of storytelling with other curious individuals, please stop by! For more information, please contact The Gathering’s Facilitator, Klay Williams at