“Bishop Curry brings the fire of Pentecost to Windsor Castle” by The Rev. Kaji Douša

May 22nd,2018 Categories: Pastor Kaji's Blog

So this week, everyone is talking all about the royal wedding. And I, of course, want to focus in, as we think about the great love on display, as Bishop Michael Curry put it in his fantastic homily… he said, “two people fell in love, and here we all are.” And I want to think about the love he talked about. Because what Bishop Curry did from that pulpit at Windsor Castle, is that he brought the fire. And fire might sound like it’s a bad thing, but this is Pentecost. And Pentecost within the Church’s liturgical year is the day that the Holy Spirit came and tongues like fire were alive with the Holy Spirit and the message of God, and God‘s love. And how appropriate that he brought that fire to this young couple as they embark on their love together. And as the world reflects on love, thank you, Bishop Curry, because the message of Jesus Christ is one that brings the fire of love that kindles the flames that will bring transformation of the world to all those who need it. I especially also want to thank Bishop Curry, who very subtly invoked the concept of “sanctuary.” And he said that if we truly live from love then the globe becomes a sanctuary for its people, which is both a revolutionary statement, appropriately so – since the Christian faith is always revolutionary, it always changes and transforms – but also because sanctuary is a global need. People must be safe, people must be beloved, and people must live in the house of the Lord wherever they go. So thank you to Bishop Curry. Thank you to the Royal Family for having the guts to invite him. And may we all be inspired by God‘s love. Amen.