A Message from Pastor Kaji

October 19th,2023 Categories: Weekly Letter
Dear Church:

As war in the Holy Land continues to horrify us all, I am reminded of something I heard from one of the peace negotiators on my recent trip: this is a conflict between cousins. I hadn’t thought about it in this way, but the truth is that if we dig far enough into the Biblical narrative, we remember the common ancestors between warring sects. Not that it’s a comfort, necessarily, but it does help to understand some of the depth of this history. 

So for Sunday, we will reflect together on the “how long” of this conflict, inspired by the Psalm. To this, I will be adding the story of Cain & Abel. In your preparations for worship, I encourage you to ask: am I my brother’s keeper? 

I can’t wait to get into all of this with you in worship. 

Pastor Kaji

Psalm 94:1-15 (Year A, p. 502-503):
1 God of vengeance, DREAD GOD,
God of vengeance, shine forth!
2  Rise up, Judge of the earth;
repay recompence on the proud!
3  How long shall the wicked, JUST ONE,
how long shall the wicked exult?
4  They gush, they speak arrogance;
all the workers of iniquity boast.
5  Your people, they crush, FAITHFUL ONE,
and your heritage, they abuse.
6  Widow and immigrant they slay,
and orphans they murder.
7  And they say, “The HOLY ONE, she does not see,
the God of Rebekah’s line does not understand.”
8  Understand, you ignorant among the people;
fools, when will you become wise?
9  The one who planted the ear, does she not hear?
The one who formed the eye, does she not see?
10  The one who disciplines the nations,
the one who teaches knowledge to the woman-born,
does she not chastise?
11  The ALL-KNOWING GOD knows the thoughts of the woman-born,
that they are but breath.
12  Blessed is the one who you admonish, JUST ONE,
whom you instruct from your teaching,
13  to grant them respite from evil days,
until a pit is dug for the wicked.
14  For the FAITHFUL ONE will not forsake her people;
her heritage she will not abandon.
15  For to the righteous justice will return,
and after it go all the upright in heart.