A Message from Pastor Kaji

August 10th,2023 Categories: Weekly Letter

Sunday August 13

Dear Church: 

This week, C. Anthony Bryant, along with our church leaders, have prepared a musical feast for you! We invite you to join the church for the Park’s Global Music Festival. This Sunday, we will have hours of incredible music from the deep talent of our church and wider community.As C. Anthony shares: “we revel in this Global Music Festival, holding to the melodies that resonate deep within our souls. May the harmonies we share here inspire us to carry the spirit of music and its transformative power beyond these walls.”

For many technical reasons, this revolution will not be televised! So please do join us, in person, for the abundance that awaits. Donations to the generous musicians donating their time will be accepted at the door and throughout the performances.

Thank you for all of your support.

Pax Christi,
Pastor Kaji