WORKSHOP How to Worship Bilingually: Cross Sectional Worshiping for the 21st Century

July 27th,2017 Categories: Latest News
Sunday, August 6 | 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm | The Park

Every day demands that we accomplish many tasks without much effort. Grocery shopping, getting in the subway, taking classes, going to weddings, surfing the net, going to airports and even a funeral. Each requires specific preparation and our commitment to show up differently to each activity. The same applies to bilingual worship. It requires preparing our hearts, minds and body to a different way of being, and being with others and God. Drawing from  bilingual education findings, and worship principles, this workshop is designed to draw from what already is known to all, using guiding and reflective questions as methodological tools. Some facts will be shared on language oppression and privilege. At the end of this workshop, participants will have more tools to navigate the joys and tensions offered and encountered in this radical form of worship. It hopes to ease their praise, and increase their ability to understand their role and engagement towards making the 11th hour of every Sunday, the more inclusive hour of every week.