“Why Do You Cry? A Resurrection Sermon for Easter Sunday” by Rev. Kaji Douša

April 17th,2017 Categories: Sunday Sermon, The Rev. Douša's Sermons

Woman, why are you weeping? they asked.

At first glance, this question may have seemed cruel. Who wouldn’t weep at a tomb? And now that tomb is empty? Of course she’d weep. Did she look at them with incredulity? Did she know that they were angels? Was she afraid? What did she feel that she didn’t say aloud?

It might’ve seemed cruel that they asked. But look again. Because what I believe they were doing was giving her an opportunity to affirm her love, to claim Jesus as Lord…

Mary Magdalene’s proclamation was an affirmation of her faith. “Her Lord” was still Lord, still ruler in her life, even in this death, even as her heart split open. Even as she cried.

And then…then, after the angels had done their job, had elicited the very answer it seems that Jesus was waiting for…

She looked again.

Through her tears, she saw him.

Excerpts from Pastor Kaji’s blog: http://soundthebells.blogspot.com/2017/04/why-do-you-cry-resurrection-sermon-for.html