VIDEO: “Sign Me Up” by The Rev. Kaji Douša, Christmas Eve, 2016

December 27th,2016 Categories: Latest News, Sunday Sermon, The Rev. Douša's Sermons

We’ve been talking a lot about registries these days. What does a registry do but allow the empire to survey and surveil its people? Your name gets collected, you get categorized and there are implications. Registries are tedious work for the empire, so they only do it if the data they gather is valuable enough to justify the expense. The registries we’re talking about now would collect Muslims. It was a campaign point, a promise Mr. Trump made to his supporters to go to mosques and “sign people up”.

They signed up Mary and Joseph and their son would later be executed.
They signed up the Jews and sent them to camps for their extinction.
We signed up the Japanese and put them in internment camps for four years.
They signed up Syrian civilians and rebels and sent them to their deaths and exiles.

Well, Mr. Trump: if you’re going to mosques, to sign people up, you know what? Come on over here and sign me up, too. #RegisterMe Register me, Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump, who has called refugees from Syria a “Trojan Horse”. Register me, Mr. Trump. As the Nazi party rose, as Germany took rights little by little away from the people they didn’t consider “true Aryans”, as the Jews had to get placed on their own registries that would lead to the Jewish Holocaust, you know how that worked? Because the people around them allowed the registries to single out the others.

From Pastor Kaji’s blog: