The Ima Jean Kidd Archive

July 21st,2017 Categories: Latest News

Ima Jean Kidd
March 31, 1927 – May 1, 2017

A Remembrance from Rose Fernandez:

When I first met “Grandma” Ima Jean 10 years ago, I knew she was a very special soul. The only grandparent I had passed away when I was 11 years old and I longed and prayed for a grandparent. And that very first day when I met her in PACC, I knew my prayers for a Grandmother had been answered. But in Ima Jean I also found a spiritual mother and will always be encouraged by her testimony and life while she graced us all with her presence.

She seemed to always know when I was feeling troubled and would reach out with a phone call or a lovely note. I am so glad that I saved each of the notes she sent me! And I have a very special memory that showed how young in heart she was…last year in one of her hospital stays, I gave her a leopard-printed kitty plush with huge eyes. She hugged it and give me a big smile. Later that week when she was back home she told me she would talk to it and hug it all the time. That made me happy knowing that she hadn’t outgrown plushies and that something so simple was bringing her some joy!

And when I last saw her right before Palm Sunday, I read a belated birthday card to her while she sat on her hospital bed. I cried as I read how much she meant to me and how honored I was that she had allowed me to “adopt” her as my Grandma. She also wiped away a tear…it was as if we both knew we wouldn’t see each other again. Not here…but we will, and forever in the presence of our Lord Father! I’ll always love you Grandma Ima Jean, you were the sunshine in my life!

The church is collecting remembrances of Ima Jean to share with members, family, and friends. Please upload your remembrances using this online form, if possible. Remembrances can include images and video.  Hard copies (printed, typed or handwritten) can be given to Stephanie Wilson on a Sunday morning at the church, or mailed to Park Avenue Christian Church, 1010 Park Ave., New York, NY 10028-0903.

Remembrances are being collected in a volume, and deposited in the Ima Jean Kidd Archives at Park Avenue Christian Church, and are also available on the church website.