Sunday Preview: “Pace of Change,” from The Rev. Kaji Douša

February 2nd,2017 Categories: Latest News

Dear Church:

As I sit down to pen this note to you, I worry that it will be out of date as soon as I send it. This is the pace of change in these strange days.

In church last Sunday I asked the people gathered a question (“How is your spirit today?”) at the start of my sermon. There were myriad responses, from fear and anxiety to hope for real awareness and lasting change as a broader swath of the nation, of the world, has awakened to a reality a number of us had ignored, or another number of us had known and begged, screamed for others to notice.

Now, we are on notice.

But church needs to offer something different. We need to be a place where time slows down, where there is space and silence and beauty and an opportunity to reflect. If we are on this journey to follow Jesus, we need to follow him with each other, and we need food for the journey.

This is the central opportunity of this time. Join us for a liminal moment when time slows and God shows us just what it means to follow Jesus in a time like this.

This Sunday we have a real treat! The Rev. Sydney Avent will be bringing the word in the sermon. I look forward to hearing how she will bring her own depth of reflection to our text from the prophet Micah.

See you Sunday, church. Bring some friends.

Pax Christi,