Sunday Preview from The Rev. Kaji Douša

February 9th,2017 Categories: Latest News

Dear Church:

Last night I walked into a gallery on West 127th St., Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, and was surrounded by cool. The stark walls were covered with the faces of people who have an influence on the moment, just out of focus enough to appear as zoomed newsprint. Superimposed on these walls were paintings by artists in the room. A 10 foot rotating sign lit with green bulbs read “PEOPLE” which immediately reminded me of the Stylistic’s 1975 song People Make the World Go Round. Invited to speak as part of a groundbreaking new series called Tomorrow Will Still Be Ours, A Festival of Visionary Ideas, Activism and Arts, I found myself in a room of people who are waaaaay cooler than I am. But they needed to hear about church so I talked about it.

I talked about the ways the faithful are facing a reckoning for the ways in which we have participated in our own and others’ oppression. I talked about how relevant faith communities can resource the greatest needs of our community with the infusion of energy and hope that we need to make it through.

What should not have surprised me was how shocked people were that faith leaders such as me could have such a perspective. This reaction has motivated me more than ever to let folks know about the liberating love of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sunday’s text:
Matthew 5:14-16

And that is the same spirit that will gather us on Sunday as we reflect on what it means to be “the light of the world.” Had you forgotten that you/we are that light?

So how do we keep on shining?

That’s the very thing we will explore together on Sunday. Join us with your friend or relative who needs this message today more than ever.

Pax Christi,