StillSpeaking Devotional “Who God Isn’t” by The Rev. Kaji Douŝa

August 23rd,2021 Categories: Latest News

… because God did not make death, and does not delight in the death of the living. For God created all things so that they might exist; the generative forces of the world are wholesome, and there is no destructive poison in them. – Wisdom 1:13-15 (NRSV)

Much of the Bible is a series of reflections on who God is: God is merciful. God is powerful. God is the author of Creation. God is our great Redeemer. God is our strength.

This Jewish apocryphal text from Africa, this Wisdom, is one of the most important lessons you can learn.


Because sometimes. Sometimes when we focus too much on who God is. We lose sight of who God isn’t.

And if we don’t know who God isn’t, then we might mistake someone – or something – else for God.

Wisdom says: God isn’t the author of death and does not delight in the death of the living.

And if we look at God opposing death in all its forms, then yes, we have to think about war. But we also have to think about anything that opposes life. And: we can take delight in what God is doing in the generative forces of life.

Hear this Wisdom roar, and behold the living and loving God.


Thank you, God, for all that delights you. Amen


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