SERMON VIDEO: “Yes You Can” by The Rev. Kaji Douša, Dec. 11th, 2016

December 12th,2016 Categories: Latest News, Sunday Sermon, The Rev. Douša's Sermons

Advent hope includes having some hope in ourselves to, with the help of God, transform the cannots within our control into the power of can.

Because “can’t” thinking leads to a lot of apathy. It sticks things in places that need not be stuck. And politically, that’s disastrous, because the people in power are surrounded by waaaay too much can that, in many cases, depends on our sense of can’t. In other words, they can because they’re counting on us thinking we can’t. And in God’s economy, it’s all can, all around. So know this: if you’re can’t dominates your life, as they say: you in danger, girl.

Transforming this is not a simple ask. When we’re especially stuck in our can’t, our brains become wired in a way that make it quite difficult to switch to can. When can’t is in charge, we travel the can’t neural pathways so frequently that we forget how to travel the can ones. And then, our imaginations are limited to a whole lot of can’t. Some of this is chemical, some of it is physical, some of it is habit, all of it is spiritual. We get in trouble when we approach any of these aspects at the expense of the others. Many times people will decide to take a more positive approach in their lives. But believers who don’t make such a transformation also in prayer get in trouble. Or, it could be that a big piece of your can’t is chemical. And if you only pray and do not attend to the chemical imbalances that might have gotten you there, it will be very difficult to sustain a change. Transformation that lasts needs to be holistic.

What is the can’t that defines you most?

Where is God already trying to flip that to can?

(This text is an excerpt from Pastor Kaji’s blog)