New Year’s Day Sunday Preview, from The Rev. Kaji Douša

December 29th,2016 Categories: Latest News


Dear Church:

Christ is born! Christmastide may be one of the more neglected seasons of the liturgical year. After all of the building in Advent, Christmas trees and decorations around the city begin to come down. The music stops.

But in the church: Christmas doesn’t stop! Remember this. Christmastide lingers way longer than the commercial industries built around Christmas would have us believe. One of my favorite carols, The Twelve Days of Christmas is the perfect reminder of this. Begin with your version of a Partridge in a Pear Tree and keep going for twelve whole days until we celebrate the Epiphany of Our Lord (otherwise known as the Three Magi’s Day), which we will observe on January 8th.

Meanwhile, I’ve taken the privilege of making Christmastide a time of rest for our staff who have been working so hard to bring our community a magical Christmas. For the most part, the church office is closing between Christmas and New Year’s Day, having observed the discipline of planning ahead so that we can take a rest. Marjorie Watrobski will be preaching the Word on New Year’s Day (still Christmastide) as Patrik, Caeli and I enjoy some time with at the house I grew up in, in Washington, DC.

So, for this Christmastide, let’s linger a bit longer with the baby Jesus before we pack him away. Sing the songs of joy. Go tell the world about all the Good News this birth in the world – and in your life – brings. And worship.

Merry Christmas, church.
Pax Christi,