How can we orient our lives so that we are putting God before everything else?

January 30th,2018 Categories: Pastor Kaji's Blog

Once upon a time someone challenged me to take a close look at my calendar and at my budget so that I could understand what my priorities are. And as I looked to see where I spent all my time, and how I spent all my money, I realize that I was putting all of my energy towards things that didn’t really matter that much to me. And what I wasn’t putting first was God. And so I had to completely shift my life. Of course, most of my time went to work. And work was obviously important, and I didn’t have a lot of choices around that, but what I did have a choice on was that I could start my day and put God first in the day. And setting my life up around that form of devotion helps for the rest of the day to go right. And so my challenge for myself and perhaps to you is to think how can we orient our lives so that we are putting God before everything else. We do have choices. We have chances to orient our lives towards holiness. And putting God first means putting God first in all our choices. Making sure our budget reflects our commitment to God. And our time reflects our commitment to serving God. That is how holiness infuses your whole life. And once you start that, you realize you were born for this. Amen.

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