Children and Youth Ministry Update from The Rev. Cara Gilger

July 10th,2020 Categories: Latest News

Dear Park Parents,

We started summer Sunday School this past Sunday by reading the passage from Matthew 13 about rest, reading I Am Peace by Susan Verde and practicing a rainbow meditation to learn about resting in God’s presence. It was fun to move and learn together.

This upcoming Sunday we will be exploring the Isaiah 55:10-13 passage the adults will be reading in worship. We will be learning about God’s joy and celebration. We are asking the kids to bring their favorite homemade instrument–spoons, shakers, a pot to drum–for our lesson or if they have an instrument they play, they can bring that too!

Continuing in our July Summer Photo Challenge to Inspire, this week we are challenging the kids to send a photo of something they have drawn or something they have done that Inspires JOY. You can email your photos to to share. I will be sending a little surprise in the mail to each kid that participates to keep things fun!

In Peace,
Rev Cara