Update from Rev. Francesca Fortunato, Children and Youth Ministry Leader

March 16th,2018 Categories: Latest News

Children and Youth Ministry

from Rev. Francesca Fortunato, Children and Youth Ministry Leader

On Sunday 3/11, the children of The Park were led by our very skilled and enthusiastic teachers, Ms. Glenda and Ms. Laura, while I was at Fort Hamilton, attending the annual Military Ball, with my wife, Lynn (a veteran of the Army Medical corps). According to their reports, there were six children in attendance, and a good time was had by all, as they read/discussed Ephesians 2:1-10 (God’s love is a free gift for all people; not something that we need to earn) and responded by choosing supplies from our craft closet, to make gifts for people they loved, not for a birthday or holiday, but as an expression of love, “just because.”

On 3/18, the children will read Jeremiah 31: 31-34. Our discussion will revolve around what it means to be a good leader (is it different from just being a good person?) and how we, as people of faith, can know, in our hearts, what goodness means for us. We will also discuss the ways that all of us have opportunities to lead, as well as follow, in our lives, and the responsibility we have, to listen to the good wisdom of God in our hearts, when we take on leadership of others. Our response activity will be to make posters to hang up in our Children’s Ministry space, reminding us of the virtues that we strive to practice, as individual members of this faith community.