Update from Rev. Francesca Fortunato, Children and Youth Ministry Leader

May 5th,2018 Categories: Latest News
On Sunday April 29th, the Park Sunday school children read Acts 8:26-40. We talked about the reasons why someone would be excited to read and learn about Jesus, as the Ethiopian eunuch was. Because there were only two children present (aged three and eight, respectively) I decided to abandon my original response activity plan, to do dramatic play on the story of the Ethiopian eunuch, and, instead, focus on the scroll that the eunuch was reading with Phillip. The children made their own paper scroll, and filled it with words and images about God and Jesus.

On May 6th, the children will continue reading the Book of Acts, with Acts 10: 44-48. We will discuss the nature of the Holy Spirit, and how we can tell that the Holy Spirit is still with us. For our response to the scripture, we will do a craft activity using Model Magic (a modeling material that can harden without being baked) to create sculptures with images of the Holy Spirit, including the flames and doves we read about in biblical references to Her, plus anything else the children imagine as a Holy Spirit representation.