Update from Rev. Francesca Fortunato, Children and Youth Ministry Leader

April 20th,2018 Categories: Latest News

On Sunday April 15th, the Park Sunday school children read Luke 24:36-48 (The Great Commission). We discussed the ways that the first disciples continued to teach others about the things that Jesus had done and taught, attracting new followers to the church with their teaching and preaching. Our response activity was a dramatic play experience, in which children took turns playing the role of Teacher, standing up in front of the class at the White Board, telling us what they knew about Jesus. There was a lot of giggling, but also plenty of good discussion, including expression of the ideas that, “Jesus was a good person who fought against injustice.” That Jesus “taught about peace and love.” And that Jesus “lives in all of our hearts.”

On Sunday April 22nd, the Park Sunday school children will 1 John 3:16-24. We will discuss the idea that some of our beliefs and ideals are important enough to make real sacrifices for, especially the teachings of our Christian faith. Our creative response activity will be the writing of a collaborative poem, about the things that are most important to us, and worthy of struggle and sacrifice. We will also illustrate the poem, and then hang it on the wall of the Children’s Ministry space, as a reminder of our purposes, as a Christian community.