SoulFood Fellowship Reflection by Rev. Dr. John Payne, Pastor Emeritus

June 28th,2019 Categories: Featured News
Although the uniquely named “SoulFood” group at the Park has attracted a diversity of participants for years, Jensene and I only recently and reluctantly became involved.  Being retired, we assumed we had “been there, done that”.  We now ask, what took us so long?  That presumption was shattered the first time we showed up for the gatherings led by Sydney Avent and Richard Sturm.  Historic gospel concerns are being boldly addressed by engaging the cutting edges of the human struggle for acceptance and liberation.  New wine in new wine skins!  After welcoming potluck fellowship meals, our fervent discussions of engrossing readings from poignant memoirs and fiction, galvanizing social analyses, biblical and theological insights confront our faith and rebuild our commitments.  If you are stimulated by conversation which grapples with the hopes and challenges of the human experience from a faith perspective (and who isn’t?), join us!  Our next meeting is set for Sunday, September 22, 2019, when we will begin our consideration of another justice issue – ecological devastation.