Children and Youth Ministry Update from the Rev. Francesca Fortunato

January 24th,2020 Categories: Latest News
Dear Park People,
On January 19th, the children’s ministry community continued to focus on Jesus’ care for children, and the power of healing prayer. We read the story of Jesus healing the child with Epilepsy (Matthew 17: 14-21) and talked about ways to pray for people in our lives who are ill. Since one of our community members was out sick that day, we took time to pray for her, envisioning her healthy, happy, and back with us.

On January 26th, we will read Matthew 11:25-30, in which Jesus teaches that God has, “Taken these things from the wise, and revealed them to little children.” We will discuss the things that have been revealed to us, through study of scripture, and life experience, about the nature of God. For our creative response activity, we will begin making items to sell for our craft fair benefiting Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital, which the children selected during our Sunday school brainstorming session on January 12th.

I hope that this week’s report finds all of the Park children and adults healthy, happy, and hopeful, as we continue our sacred journey together.

Blessings and well wishes as always,
Rev. Francesca Maria (Miriam): Children’s Minister