Children and Youth Ministry Update from The Rev. Francesca Fortunato

November 29th,2019 Categories: Latest News
Dear Park People,

There was a lot of happy excitement in the Park Sunday school community this month. We had a wonderful time sharing food, fun, and toys, during our second annual Thanksgiving and Receiving Swap Meet Party. And the preparation for it was almost as absorbing as the party, itself, with the children working diligently on set-up and decorating. If you were in the Fellowship Hall on November 17th, it was impossible not to notice how beautiful the children made everything look!

The children also had a second workshop with former Interim Music Minister, Paul Vasile, who is continuing to teach them songs and movements, which they will be leading during the Pageant/Cantata service on December 22nd. Paul will be back with the children on December 8th, for a final review of the songs. They’re really looking forward to that. Paul has a great gift for engaging children, and they always enjoy the
time that they spend with him.

We are continuing to settle, happily, into our  Children’s Ministry area in the Fellowship Hall. We have a new bookcase, filled with children’s bibles and Christian story books. The that we use, to separate the area from the rest of the Fellowship Hall, is now covered with their beautiful; inspiring art work. There are also plenty of interesting toys in our bins, for the children to play with, during their social times.

We’re also happily anticipating the holiday party at the Manse, which will be held after the service on December 15th. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children and their adults to celebrate together, along with me, and their teachers, Ms. Glenda and Ms. Laura.

Blessings and well wishes, with extra hopes for Advent inspiration and joy!

Rev. Francesca Fortunato: Children’s Minister