Children and Youth Ministry Update from The Rev. Francesca Fortunato

May 3rd,2019 Categories: Latest News

Dear Park People,

In April of 2019, the Park Sunday school children were (of course) mostly focused on the Lenten preparation for, and celebration of, Holy Week and Easter. After spending the first Sunday of April in their donated gym/auditorium space at St. Ignatius church, where they enjoyed acting out scripture on a real stage!

For Palm Sunday and Easter, we had multi-generational services in which the children helped to make the celebrations meaningful and beautiful with their enthusiastic participation. On Palm Sunday, they were very eager to give palms to everyone who walked through the door, and, on Easter Sunday, the children were delighted to be part of the release of dove balloons, and, of course, to hunt for Easter eggs in the sanctuary after service!

On the last Sunday, April 28th (today, as I write) the wonderful Sunday school teachers, Ms. Laura and Ms. Glenda, stepped up and led children’s ministry without me, because I needed every minute of this day, with my wife, Lynn, to prepare for our move to our new co-op apartment, in Inwood (the tip-top of upper Manhattan) tomorrow!

Together, they read about the post-resurrection appearances of Jesus to the disciples, and talked about what they would do if Jesus showed up in their Sunday school. They then expressed these imaginings with dramatic play, creative writing, and art.

I’m writing this report, in a living room surrounded by boxes, so excited that Lynn and I will finally have a real home of our own, but, also, utterly exhausted, and profoundly thankful for the prayers, support, and understanding, of The Park community!

In May, our focus will be on the many amazing ways that God provides for our needs. The gifts of nature (and our calling to care for the earth). The love of our families, reflecting and illuminating God’s love, in our home lives. The food, shelter, and clothing that protect and sustain us, physically (the Good Shepherd, caring for the sheep) and, finally, the concept of the “Holy City,” witnessed in the glorious diversity and beauty of our own city.

Blessings and well-wishes, to the children and adults of the Park community, as ever!
Rev. Francesca Fortunato: Children’s Minister