Children and Youth Ministry Update from The Rev. Cara Gilger

September 11th,2020 Categories: Latest News

Dear Park Families,

I want to start with a word of gratitude. This Sunday marks the end of my time with the children of the church, as Rev Francesca returns from sabbatical. Thank you for allowing me the deep honor of getting to know your children this summer and growing in our faith together. It has been my joy each week to see their sweet faces online and to discover God’s good word together.

Last Sunday we studied the passage from Romans and worked on the memory verse “love your neighbor as yourself.” We talked about who our neighbor is and what it means to love them when we might not know or like our neighbor.

This Sunday we will be exploring Genesis 50 alongside the adults in worship and focusing on learning the story of Jacob and his brothers, while also wondering what it means that God calls us to forgive one another. We will be using our worship boxes and learning from page 80 of The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible. I am excited that both myself and Rev Francesca will be able to share in this time with the kids as we make their transition smooth.

In Peace,
Rev Cara