Children and Youth Ministry Update from Rev. Francesca Fortunato

April 7th,2018 Categories: Latest News

The Park Sunday school children had a very happy Easter Sunday (April 1st). After reading the Easter story (Mark 16:1-8) I asked the children to think about what the connection might be, between the story of Jesus’ resurrection, and the hiding and hunting of Easter eggs. It was a lively discussion, and many, imaginative and original ideas were expressed, but the one that stood  out most, for me, came from one of our visitors: “Jesus was hidden inside the tomb, just like the eggs are hidden. Then Jesus was alive, and people could see him again. We find the eggs, like the disciples found Jesus.” (Yes, there are more traditional theological explanations, but Sunday school is about children thinking, for themselves, about these questions, and this answer seemed particularly creative). Everyone had a great time with the Easter egg hunt that followed, and enjoyed playing with the small toys that were hidden inside the plastic eggs. It was delightful to welcome so many visitors, too!

On Sunday April 8th, the children will read Acts 4:32-35, which is, among other things, about the ways that the early followers of Jesus practiced sharing and mutual support.  We will discuss why sharing is a Christian value, and the ways that sharing benefits those who give (or lend) as well as those who receive. Our response activity will be a game, using toys from our Children’s Ministry play area. We will have a limited number of toys out (intentionally smaller than the number of children present) and will ask the children to play with them together, finding ways to make sure that everyone has a chance to use the toys they like best, and that all of the children have fun together, in friendly; peaceful ways. And so, we begin to build a children’s Christian community…