Children and Youth Ministry Update from Rev. Francesca Fortunato

April 13th,2018 Categories: Latest News

On April 8th the Sunday school children read Acts 4: 32-35, about the radical sharing that was practiced in early church communities. We discussed ways to be mindful about sharing, in our own lives as followers of Jesus, and how sharing helps us to be happier in our time together. Our response activity was a play experiment. The children were given a box with a limited number of toys, and were asked to figure out how to share them in ways that would be fun for everyone, and be fair, in terms of taking turns. I was particularly pleased to see older children being patient and helpful with younger ones.

On April 15th, we will read Luke 24: 36-48. The focus will be on the ways that people in the early church shared the teachings of Jesus with others. We will discuss what some of those teachings are, and how we can share them. Our response activity will be a dramatic play experience, with children taking turns in the role of Teacher, and sharing the teachings of Jesus with the class.