Children and Youth Ministry Update from Kelsey Creech, Resident Seminarian

February 19th,2021 Categories: Latest News
On Sunday, February 14, the older students and I read the story of the Transfiguration in Mark 9:2-8 in our Inclusive Language Bible. We then discussed this passage, noting the weirdness of the suddenly shiny clothes, the conversing with dead people, and the desire to build a dwelling place there. Ultimately, we came to the conclusion that this passage taught us something unique about the holiness of Jesus and about God’s view of humanity. God regards some humans so highly that he would perform miracles to converse with them.

After this study, the younger children and I read the beginning of “Jesus Helps and Heals” in our Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible. We talked about how it would feel to be blind with no guide dog or person to help you and the joy that would come with being healed by Jesus. We also spent some time discussing all the holidays this week: Valentine’s Day, Transfiguration Sunday, Mardi Gras, and Ash Wednesday. We talked about what they mean and how they fit together in our calendar.

As always, we parted ways with a song and blessing and a question to take home. This week, I invited the students and their families to discuss: What is so special about Jesus? I look forward to the myriad of answers that they’ll come up with.

This Coming Sunday, February 21, the Children’s Ministry will be led by Pastor Kaji and Rev. Stephanie.

Pastor Kaji will lead the older students’ study. They will read Genesis 9:8-17, about the covenant God makes with Noah after the flood. Rev. Stephanie will lead the younger student’s study. They will read “Noah” in the Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible. They’ll pray, sing, and say goodbye with a blessing.

I find myself particularly grateful for the Park Avenue Community following our Bloom in Conversation event Monday evening. This church is unique in so many ways, and I continue to be humbled and renewed by the loving vision of this community.

Joyfully yours,
Kelsey Creech, Resident Seminarian

(Illustration from Page 153 of the Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible)