Children and Youth Ministry Update from Kelsey Creech, Resident Seminarian

September 18th,2021 Categories: Latest News
Our weekly Children’s Worship meetings have resumed!

Last Sunday, our older students met at 10 AM. We spent some time in fellowship talking about our summers, then read our scripture and did a line-by-line exegesis of Romans 12:9-21. We dwelled on the layered explanation Paul provided us of what love ought to look like in Christian Community  – noting that loving one another like siblings means we might quarrel from time to time, but ultimately, we’re on one another’s side and we work towards peace – that rest that arises when the world knows justice intimately.

Then at 10:30, our younger students met. Our children prayed together for the start of the school year, then read “Jesus Loves Kids” in our Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible and talked about the story. Our children all noted that our story taught us that Jesus is for everyone! We sang, prayed, and said goodbye with a blessing.

This Sunday, the older children will meet at 10 AM for fellowship and to read Matthew 18:15-20, and the younger children will meet at 10:30 AM to read “The Lost Sheep” in our Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible. I’m looking forward to these conversations with our children about the power of language, negotiating conflict, and the constant presence of God.

Looking forward to seeing some of you at our Bloom in  Conversation Event next Monday! I miss seeing your lovely faces on my screens.

May your week be blessed with fun, rest, and authenticity.

Joyfully yours,
Kelsey Creech
Resident Seminarian

(The illustration used here is from page 170 of Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible)