Children and Youth Ministry Update from Kelsey Creech, Resident Seminarian

May 14th,2021 Categories: Latest News
Last  Sunday, all our students gathered with Mr. Trevor and Rev. Stephanie. Mr. Trevor brought in a live baby chick from his classroom and spoke about how the chicks from his room had to come home for the weekend because they needed care. He was their mother for the weekend. Then the students had a conversation about the mothering figures in their lives.  After this, Rev. Stephanie gave a short scripture lesson on Acts  8:26-40 about the importance of being curious about one another. The children left with the instructions to go be curious about their mom!

This Sunday, our older students will meet at 10 am with me to read Luke 24:44-53. We  will discuss the ascension of Jesus and what it means to have our minds opened to understand scripture.

Then at 10:30 am, the younger children and I will meet for our time of Worship. We will read the first half of “The Holy Spirit” in our Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible which tells of Jesus’ ascension. Then we will sing, pray, and say goodbye with a blessing!

I look forward to seeing all of you in worship this Sunday!

Joyfully yours,
Kelsey Creech, Resident Seminarian

(Image from p. 207 of Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible)